The Manticon 2018 Ship's Challenge


We have 26 slots awaiting HEROES!!!






Earn "The Toughest Ribbon to Get at a Con"


The USS Nokomis and the American Red Cross will be at Manticon 2017

on Saturday, May 26th, 2018 for the annual Blood Drive.

Sign up to donate at and use the code "manticon"


Which ships will answer the call? Which warriors will step forward?


I want to see at least one donor from every ship in attendance at Manticon.

I want to see which ship musters the most donors.

Will more Marines or Navu or Civilians donate?

Will the Sollies or the Peeps outdo the Empire?


I want to see us outdo last years's donations!!!


If you or someone from your ship can't donate due to eligibility requirements, you can offer support to another ship's donor, especially first-time donors. Escort them to the van, make sure they're fed and watered during and after, and acknowledge their donation when you see them throughout the convention!

Schedule your Donation

Use code "manticon"

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