Hello from the Chair of MantiCon 2018, Diane Bulkeley! The ConComm is already hard at work to ensure that MantiCon 2018 is a quality event which is fun for all attendees. We know that you will have questions, so please use the links below to email our staff. Please allow two to three business days for a reply.


For Con Chairs use: chair@manticon.org

For Registration Questions use: registration@manticon.org

For Hotel & Party Room Questions use: hotel@manticon.org

For Fan Table Questions use: fantables@manticon.org

For Party Room Questions use: partyrooms@manticon.org

For Volunteers Questions use: volunteers@manticon.org

For Programming Questions use: programming@manticon.org

For Children's Programming use: kids@manticon.org

For Gaming Questions use: gaming@manticon.org

For ConSuite Questions use: consuite@manticon.org

For Dealers and Sponsors use: vendors@manticon.org

For Advertising Questions use: ads@manticon.org

For Operations Questions use: ops@manticon.org

For General Questions use: info@manticon.org

Any website issues use: webmaster@manticon.org


We look forward to hearing from you! Your feedback will allow us to make sure that you have a great time at MantiCon 2018!


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