David Weber

David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1952. He started writing poetry and short fiction in the fifth grade, and a lifetime of reading, writing, and studying has given him a love of storytelling that clearly shows in his work. In his stories, he creates a consistent and rationally explained technology and society. Even when dealing with fantasy themes, the magical powers are treated like another technology with supporting rational laws and principles.


  Many of his stories have military, and particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre. He challenges current gender roles in the military by assuming that a gender-neutral military service will exist in his futures. By frequently placing female leading characters in what have previously been seen as traditionally male roles, he has explored the challenges faced by women in the military and politics.


  His most popular and enduring character is Honor Harrington, whose story, together with the "Honorverse" she inhabits, has been developed through nineteen novels, six shared-universe anthologies, a three book young-adult series, and “Honorverse historical” Manticore Ascendant series, written with Timothy Zahn and Tom Pope. To date, David currently has seventy two book titles and twenty one separate series that he has written or co-written.


  David currently lives in Greenville, SC with his wife Sharon, their three children, three dogs and four cats. You can keep up with David's busy schedule by following his Facebook page, davidweber.net and on Twitter. His works can be purchased at his official on-line store Weber Universal Outfitters and through his store's Facebook page of Weber Universal Outfitters.


Sharon Weber

Sharon Rice-Weber has the hardest job in the world . . . me. A native born Greenvillian (I think there are five of them, counting our son Michael, in a city of sixty-three thousand) she has put up with marrying someone who was born in Cleveland (a major strike against, in our parts) and who does something really weird for a living. And she’s been great about it. A knitter, a crocheter, a needlepoint artist, a survivor of seven spinal surgeries with a drama degree from Furman university. A bookstore manager who was active in fandom and cosplay long before I ever met her. One of the best read people I know, despite dyslexia and eyes that literally refuse to focus where she tells them to. A business partner who keeps track of my schedule, reminds me what month it is, and actually gets me places on time. A mom who manages three teenagers who had seven athletic teams between them this past soccer season — and whose practices meant she usually didn’t get home with them until 8:30 PM. The best person I know. There’s a reason she’s popular at conventions, and not just with David Weber fans. Take some time to meet her, and you’ll understand what that reason is. I, of course, already know. David Weber

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