Programming / Panels

Panels are what a convention is built on. They let us gather, converse and meet each other over interesting, funny, wild and often educational discussions and presentations. A panel can be anything from a basic topic discussion to a full blown educational presentation with media! Lead a group discussion, present and take questions on your favorite sci-fi, science or costuming topic. Do a performance panel (dance, music, art, whatever). If you have a great idea, make it happen!


Please fill out our Suggest a Panel form to offer a panel you’d like to see at Manticon. Obviously we are hoping that if you suggest a panel, you will help to facilitate it or run it. Any panel without a facilitator is just a cool idea. It’s up to you to help make your cool idea happen!


We will take panel suggestion up until March 1st, 2018 and then we will have to close it down so we can make the final schedule.

Panel Facilities

We will work with you within the best of our ability to make sure you have everything you need to run a great panel.


Here is what we have available for facilities:

  • All programming rooms have a table at the head of the room with seating for 3.
  • Manticon supplies table tents for each panelist (provided we know ahead of time).
  • Several rooms also have projectors/screens, and provisions for computer hookups.
  • Since not all rooms have audio/video equipment, you must tell us that you need A/V when you suggest a panel so that we can take that into consideration when scheduling it.
  • If you need other equipment or setups, let us know at the time the panel is suggested; during con is too late!
  • Wireless internet is provided in the meeting rooms, check connections beforehand!


Things to Note

  • A Manticon Membership is required to be a panelist, so you’ll want to register soon as possible if you haven’t already.
  • Programming does not waive the registration fee for panelists, regardless of how many panels they are on.
  • Hours spent as a panelist count as volunteering for the convention.



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